To avoid the Big C, stay small

Number 23

1 March 2008 0

Every day there are new stories in the tabloids about the latest link, sometimes tenuous, sometimes contradictory, between cancer and some aspect of lifestyle. If this is a recipe for confusion, then the antidote is [more]

Immune no longer

Number 16

1 January 2007 0

Two patients out of 17 may not seem very impressive. But their recovery has boosted hopes that we can find ways to teach our immune systems to kill cancer cells. Download full article

Two sides to every study

Number 10

1 January 2006 0

If research is worth funding at all, isn’t it worth paying a little extra to make the results – positive or negative – available as freely and speedily as possible? Download full article

Who pays the piper…

Number 6

1 May 2005 0

The world’s largest sponsor of medical research has brought open access one step closer by setting time limits for research it funds to be published online. Download full article

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