Ascona (Switzerland) 10-13/06/2017 – Leukaemia and Lymphoma


The programme is designed for postgraduate medical doctors at any stage of clinical career who are interested in haematological oncology. A mix of experienced clinicians or pathologists etc., and oncology/haematology trainees is welcome.
Scientists (PhD) are very welcome too, but they should be advised that the course will emphasise clinical aspects rather than basic biology.

•    Learn or reinforce knowledge on modern diagnostic tools in haemato-oncology
•    Understand the molecular pathology of leukaemia and lymphoma
•    Retain the salient clinical features of important lymphoma or leukaemia entities
•    Discuss and weigh evidence favouring particular treatment options in haematological oncology
•    Learn how to handle complications of treatment for lymphoma and leukaemia

An intensive and interactive course held in co-operation with and preceding the 14th International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma
Chairs: J.O. Armitage, US – M.F. Fey, CH – E. Zucca, CH
Host Chair: F. Cavalli, CH

All the info are available in the website of ESO.


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