15.06.2019 – 17.06.2019 – Lymphoma

15.06.2019  –  17.06.2019
Lugano, SwitzerlandOver the past twenty-five years or so, this course has become a renowned programme for physicians and scientists with an interest in the diagnosis and treatment of haematological cancers. It typically draws participants from most if not all continents and thus allows for a stimulating truly international gathering of colleagues interested in lymphoma and leukaemia. Oncology or haematology trainees are just as welcome as are experienced colleagues looking for a refresher course.

The international faculty, including ICML key note lecturers, will guide us through the complexity of the biology and the most relevant clinical problems in lymphoma, offering plenary lectures, practice-oriented training through case presentations, workshops in small groups and ample discussion slots. The course is aimed at providing a perfect introduction to the Lugano Conference.

The format of the residential course will furthermore offer opportunities for informal exchange of ideas, views and experience among the participants and with the faculty.

• Learn or reinforce knowledge on modern diagnostic tools in haemato-oncology
• Understand the molecular pathology of lymphoma
• Retain the salient clinical features of important lymphoma entities
• Discuss and weigh evidence favouring particular treatment options in haematological oncology
• Become aware of the most important “open questions” and “unmet needs” in the management of the main lymphoma entities.

Chairs: D. Rossi, CH – L. Sehn, CA – E. Zucca, CH
Hosting Chair: F. Cavalli, CH

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