Cambridge (United Kingdom) 21-23/6/2017 – Masterclass in Oncology Basics for Beginners

Although some of the principles underlying oncology practice are similar to those in other branches of medicine, subspecialisation has reduced the exposure of medical students and junior residents to oncological concepts and practice. New oncology trainees face a number of specific challenges. These include navigation of an extensive curriculum with no clear starting point, a rapidly evolving clinical landscape, and increasing clinical demands. During training, residents must also strategically plan their careers, manage any academic focus, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. This comprehensive course for new oncology trainees in Europe is intended to bridge the gap in education between courses for students and ESO’s well-known Masterclasses. The course aims to provide orientation to the guiding principles of multidisciplinary oncological management and life as a modern oncologist.

Chairs: T. Ajithkumar, UK – F.A. Peccatori, IT

Scientific Committee: L. Harihar, UK – H. Buckley, UK – S. Prewett, UK – J. Harrington, UK – G. Horan, UK – B. Greef, UK – G. Doherty, UK

All info on the ESO website

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