The ABC Global Alliance launch a Global campaign to raise awareness about advanced breast cancer

There are over two million new cases of breast cancer a year in the world and 0.6 million deaths.
About a third of all early breast cancer cases will become metastatic even with the best care, and the average overall survival for these patients is around three years.
The ABC Global Alliance, a multi-stakeholder platform for all those interested in collaborating on common projects relating to advanced breast cancer, aiming to improve and extend the lives of women and men living with ABC worldwide and to fight for a cure, has launched a Global campaign to raise awareness about the underserved advanced breast cancer (ABC) population. The campaign is centred around a short film featuring first-hand accounts of the injustices experienced by real people living with ABC.
Doctor Fatima Cardoso, President of ABC Global Alliance: “This campaign is so important to our ABC community, it sheds light on the injustices that these patients are subjected to, as well as the variation in quality of care they receive globally. It was crucial for us to provide a platform for patients to voice their experiences. These powerful messages need to be heard, and we will not stop until understanding and outcomes improve.”

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