Major changes ahead

Number 87

11 September 2019 0

Last year we asked you to let us know how  you would like to continue reading Cancer World articles. You told us that, while some of you still prefer holding a print copy in your hands, [more]

Why the Cancer World Journalism Award is more important than ever

15 July 2019 0

What’s the real story? This month Cancer World launches its latest Journalism Award, and it’s more important than it’s ever been. A year ago, the overall winner of the last award explained why it meant so much to her.

“I am glad that the voices of the poorest Indian cancer patients are heard across the world and I hope there is an improvement in their access to treatment,” said Swagata [more]

Winning where it matters

Number 86

30 May 2019 0

We’re winning the war on cancer on a scientific level but losing it in the real world. That was the conclusion reached by 100 top researchers, clinicians and advocates at the first World Oncology Forum [more]

Team members learn from one another

Number 85

17 March 2019 1

“Multidisciplinary team meetings have become meaningless.” “It’s a rubber stamp.” “It’s a bureaucratic exercise.” These comments, made by oncologists from a number of countries at an ESO meeting to discuss training needs, paint quite a [more]

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