Vienna (Austria), 18-19/11/2016 – ESNM-ESO Learning Course on 18FDG PET-CT in Lymphoma

There is a growing demand for academic education for oncologists/haematologists and nuclear physicians to increase their competence in interpreting PET-CT findings and using these data in the staging and treatment process.
The recent publication of the consensus paper of the International Conference on Malignant Lymphomas – Imaging Working Group about the role of imaging together with the updated staging classification of malignant lymphomas (Lugano Classification, JCO 2014) confirmed the pivotal role of 18FDG PET-CT in the management of the lymphoproliferative diseases and the need to apply standard specific criteria to assure the best use of hybrid imaging not only in clinical studies but also  in everyday clinical practice.
The course is designed for oncologists/haematologists and nuclear physicians and aims at providing a clear knowledge of the meaning of the PET-CT findings in the different indolent and aggressive lymphoma types, the correct application of the Deauville criteria and their interpretation in staging and response assessment in patients with Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphomas.

The course is open to nuclear physicians, oncologists/haematologists and other specialists who seek training in the use of PET-CT imaging in the evaluation of patients with lymphomas, whether for daily practice or in a clinical research setting.
To guarantee high interactivity, attendance will be limited to 20 participants.

• Analysis of PET-CT data
• Image interpretation and description
• Classification
• Reporting and integration in the response assessment as well as practical sections covering
• Hodgkin lymphoma
• Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
• Follicular lymphoma
• Primary mediastinal lymphoma

After the course the participants should:
• Improve interpretation skills in the evaluation of 18FDG PET-CT scans in patients with different types of lymphomas
• Learn how to implement the novel Lugano Classification for staging and response assessment
• Understand how to translate information into a nuclear medicine report that is clinically relevant

ESNM-ESO Learning Course on 18FDG PET-CT in Lymphoma
18/11/2016 – 19/11/2016, Vienna, Austria
Chairs: L. Ceriani, CH – S. Stroobants, BE

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