Major changes ahead

Number 87

11 September 2019 0

Last year we asked you to let us know how  you would like to continue reading Cancer World articles. You told us that, while some of you still prefer holding a print copy in your hands, [more]

Obesity and cancer

Number 87

11 September 2019 0

Obesity is overtaking tobacco as the leading preventable cause of cancer. Oncologists have an important role to play in informing patients and directing them towards assistance in making lifestyle changes. Antonio Di Meglio reviews the [more]

Cancer is twice as deadly as heart disease in high-income countries

9 September 2019 0

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of mortality among middle aged adults globally, accounting for 40% of all deaths, but in high-income countries cancer is now responsible for twice as many deaths as CVD (55% vs 23%), according to a new report from the Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiologic (PURE) study published in The Lancet. [more]

Linking DNA methylation to Aspirin use and breast cancer survival

2 September 2019 0

In women diagnosed with first primary breast cancer (BC), a closer look to epigenetic might be the “ace in the hole” to better understand the link between Aspirin use and prognosis and to refine patients stratification and risk-reducing strategies. Findings from a study recently published in Cancer suggest that the [more]

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